Ignite UW Campaign Video

Posted on April 21, 2014

A new campaign film for an ASUW ticket where candidates time travel into the future to see what the University of Washington campus is like.

The Sun & The Sea

Posted on February 15, 2014

A short film I made during a weekend vacation along the Oregon Coast in the winter. Absolutely lucked-out with the weather.

A short film we made over the winter of 2014

Behind the scenes of the dark comedy “Good Art”

Posted on January 02, 2014

Each week during the month of January, I will release a new blog about my experience behind the production of my latest short film “Good Art.”

Alone in The Dark

Alone In The Dark World Premiere

Posted on September 13, 2012

The world premiere for my short film “Alone In The Dark” will be held at the “Northwest Film Forum” in downtown Seattle on Saturday, September 28th, at 9:00pm. Click for ticket info.


Achieving any worthwhile goal takes grit, skill, and most importantly, unwavering determination. It is a path riddled with many steps, each as important as the last. At Giant Step Film, we push creativity and innovation to the limit by making sure each step we take towards our goals is larger and more substantial than the last.

We are a creative team of Directors & Producers focused on developing exciting media content for the Web, TV & the Big Screen. Our passion is in delivering story it’s most potent and elegant form. We strive to cut above our competition by delivering on competitive pricing, efficient turnaround, and most importantly, a superior product.

On the Set of our latest film "Ignite UW."

On the Set of our latest film “Ignite UW.”


Tyler Profile Pic

Tyler Brown - Director/Editor
Skills: Directing, Producing, Editing

Tyler is a film Director & Producer, and  is currently studying at the University of Washington as he works toward a degree in Film Production and Entrepreneurship. Tyler is always looking to grow as a storyteller through the forms of film production & marketing campaigns. In addition to his film projects, Tyler is also currently working with Will Ferrell’s non-profit organization Cancer For College to develop exciting opportunities for young filmmakers throughout the Untied States. His goals are to help make the film industry more accessible to younger filmmakers, and to direct a Sci-Fi feature film/television series.


Paul Profile PicPaul Kim – Director of Photography
Skills: Camerawork, Lighting, Design

Paul Kim graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Film Production and has been working as a Director of Photography ever since. From concept to delivery, Paul’s strengths lie in his ability to take a concept and substantially improve the aesthetic qualities, whether it be in the form of elegant lighting setups, smart production schedules, or in his superior coloring work.




Alone In The Dark

by tyler on September 12, 2013

One Husky Campaign – 2013

by tyler on May 27, 2013

Paranoia Trailer

by tyler on August 03, 2012

Career Internship Program: Microsoft

by tyler on August 01, 2012

The Husky Impact

by tyler on July 29, 2012

The Voyage

by tyler on July 28, 2012

Beyond the Still – Davis Freeman

by tyler on July 28, 2012

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